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Canadian jazz guitarist Doc Dosco moved to Los Angeles from Canada in 1977. Soon after he began playing gigs and doing studio work. With long time friend and producer Esmond Edwards, (George Benson, Kenny Burrell, B.B. King) Doc has played on recordings with jazz greats such as Blue Mitchell, Eddie Harris, Gene Harris, Red Halloway, Cedar Walton, Harold Land, Paulinho Da Costa and he has shared the stage with many others. He has had his jazz tunes recorded by Blue Mitchell, Eddie Harris and Herman Riley.

"I did tons of 'guitar for hire' studio dates back then", says Doc, "and I gigged a lot during the late seventies and eighties. I was a funky fusion style player and there was lots of funk style work. I also did pick-up work, casuals, society gigs and played numerous concerts with old timers such as Little Anthony, the Drifters, the Diamonds, the Platters, Freddie Cannon, Connie Stevens. I worked for composer Dennis McCarthy on the Barbara Mandrell TV show. I also wrote songs for Jerry Lee Lewis and German pop sensation Nina Hagen, produced Billboard Queen Angeline, and recorded an album with the revolutionary Motown recording artists Black Russian. Towards the late eighties, I started drifting away from guitar playing and into electronic music, record production with the Fairlight CMI and audio consultation. Although my pro audio consulting credits through Goodman Music were impressive, with recording artists Stevie Wonder, Michael and Janet Jackson, The Rolling Stones, Will Smith, AC/DC, American Idol's Randy Jackson & Paula Abdul, The Electric Light Orchestra & Whitney Houston and so on, this in turn led to some pretty bleak years as far as playing guitar went."

"My last gigs during the eighties were a string of really charming albums with Ian Whitcomb in the ragtime vein, some sides with blues saxman Big Jay McNeely and some live gigs with legendary Jazz Pianist Joe Albany. Joe, who was Charlie Parker's piano player for a number of years, was a beautiful player, but a tragic human being. He passed on in 1988. I feel a bit like Joe in some ways, as our life paths ran parallel in many respects -- we both had some 'lost years'. However, Lazurus returns, and I'm back..."

Doc originally got his feet wet playing again as accompanist for soul diva Thelma Jones and phenom crooner Luca Ellis before jumping out as front man himself.

Doc plays solo jazz guitar, sings jazz standards, and heads a 'straight ahead' instrumental jazz trio out of Los Angeles. New recording projects are currently underway featuring Doc both playing and singing jazz and blues. For the past several years Doc has played solo jazz guitar almost exclusively for a large wine retailer providing entertainment for thier major wine tasting events throughout California, Nevada and Arizona. "I go well with red wine" says Doc! He spends the rest of his time promoting Peerless guitars.

Doc, a Heritage Guitar Artist, endorses Peerless Guitars and will play them exclusively. Doc says "Peerless guitars are wonderful. They have a sweet, warm jazz sound that projects incredibly well. They are beautifully constructed and are very, very playable. I really like these guitars...." Doc also endorses Pignose Valve Tube Amps.

Doc has a website called Jazz Guitar Zone where he promotes Peerless jazz guitars and Pignose amps. Doc has a complete bio page which has more details about his musical history.

'What's Hot' with Jazz Guitar

Doc has done the 'What's Hot' with Jazz Guitar for the Guitar News Weekly at the GuitarSite, since 2001 and features a 'hot' jazz guitarist (both established and new) each week. There are a host of great and under recognized jazz players in the world today that are currently gigging, making CDs and that have their own websites. Doc will write a paragraph or 2 about each one and then the reader can follow the link to the featured guitarist's homepage. Doc is also featuring columns on affordable jazz guitars and has written articles on Heritage, D'Aspiranta, Ibanez, Epiphone, Cort, Stromberg, and now Peerless along with featuring many jazz guitar books. Check it out at What's Hot with Jazz Guitar.

Doc has demos of several Peerless guitar models and his newest tracks on Youtube.

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Live Performances:

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Located in the San Fenando Valley in Los Angeles, California. Call 818 996-3032 or email Doc --

Doc now exclusively endorses Peerless Guitars.


Jazz Guitar Zone

Doc also endorses Dunlop Picks - and especially favors the Jazztone 205 and Jazz Stubbies (many thanks to Jasmine Powell of Dunlop), and the new Pignose Valve Tube Amps -- great for jazz and anything else! (thanks Howard). Doc plays Thomastik-Infeld Swing flatwound guitar strings on all of his jazz guitars. You can purchase both Peeerless Jazz Guitars and Pignose tube amps at Jazz Guitar Zone

Special thanks to guitar wizard Rick Wells of Minarik Guitars. And lastly, thanks to Elliott Cobb, Doc's ultra cool recording engineer who has gone far beyond the call of duty to get tracks recorded.

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